Introducing a New Hashtag for CultureTravChat

I took part in my first ever travel chat on twitter a few weeks ago. I stumbled across it accidentally while looking for pictures of street art in Paris. And, admittedly I did get a little confused and lost with the questions (People who know me will tell you that comes as no surprise!)… but I think I’ve got the hang of it now.

So far these chats have been a great source of information, sharing and fun. It’s great to see a new one come along. I’ll certainly be taking part.

Culture Travel Reflections

#CultureTrav on twitter Thank you for being a part of my (travel) community. Whether you read the blog, we’ve met on Twitter (or know each other personally) or you’ve joined my Twitter chat, I love hearing from you.

Reading about other travelers’ adventures – a round-the-world journey, expat experiences, a weekend trip to a new destination, or a short-term international venture – is exciting. More than anything, I enjoy connecting with you and learning about your personal experiences with cultural differences/similarities, and how you adapt and grow during travel.

Since launching a Twitter chat in November 2014, I have met wonderful travelers from all over the world who share their advice, stories, and so much more with our #CultureTravChat community every Thursday. In February 2015, Jessica Lipowski joined as a co-host, and I’m thrilled to have her on board (we have much in common, and she lives in my home country…

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