How To Change Your ‘I’m Too Poor to Travel’ Mindset And Say Yes To Travel (Reblogged)

By Matthew Kepnes

I totally agree with Matt. It’s all about mindset… “If you truly desire to travel, you will find a way.” I also think people are scared of abandoning the security of home. Too scared to give up a life to come back to, which will inevitable mean missing out on the life they could have. There are ways and means of travelling with very little money. It is entirely possible.

See the whole article here:

Thought Catalog

4723474126_17b0959de3_o Source: antonemus

“Your advice is great if you are middle-class, your parents are giving you money, or you’re from the West. Your website can never work for me. I’m too poor to travel. This advice is only for privileged people.”

I encounter this line of thought frequently, and after two recently-published articles on Thrillist and Thought Catalog, I’ve heard it even more lately.

Every travel naysayer believes their situation is special, that they can’t manage what someone else did for “x, y, or z” reason. And it’s not just travel. We all make excuses as to why we can’t do something we desire. “The gym is too far away.” “Just one more cookie won’t hurt.” “I’m not tall enough to play basketball.” We believe we’ll never accomplish that great thing we aspire to because we lack the one secret ingredient to make it happen.

When it comes to travel…

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